Brown Snout Scotland Expedition

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Brown Snout, Delivery, Juice | 0 comments

Not something we thought we’d be doing in our first season of juicing, but we’re not ones to shy away from a challenge!

We were approached by a customer in Scotland for some of our Brown Snout juice. These particular Brown Snouts trees were planted by Grandad Jim in 1964, so this whole job has been so important to us. Now, Brown Snouts are not known for their juice quantity and it’s been a particularly dry year. We knew we were in for a mission, but this turned out to be quite the experience! We went through tons and tons of Brown Snouts to get up to 1400 litres. These brown snouts were brought in a couple of days before pressing, and from there, all washed, milled and pressed the day before we delivered up to Scotland.

The beauty of our Brown Snouts is their consistently high sugar content. High sugar leads to a high %ABV. This year, we had a whopping 1.062 reading, combined with a beautiful colour and flavour, it’s sure going to make a beautiful drop. We were honoured to be able to go up and meet our customer, and have them talk us through their plans and process (and even a couple of bottles of their creations to take away with us), we’re really happy it’s in great hands and we cannot wait to see how it turns out next year!

Things I’ve learned from our journey though:

– Scotland is very far away from Herefordshire;
– Scotland is cold in November;
– Scotland is WINDY when you’re at the top of a hill;
– Scotland is absolutely beautiful, with incredible wildlife and such friendly people.

So, 1400l of Brown Snout juice, headed up the M6 and beyond all the way to Fife.

Some call us bonkers, even our customer questioned our sanity – but all in the love of apples, eh?


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