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We started making cider in 2019. Since then, we’ve been on courses & we’ve experimented. We’ve made batches and trials of different varieties & different methods. 

We only use our own fruit, which has been lovingly grown by Grandad Jim for over 65 years. It’s really important that our fruit remains our focus, so we don’t add anything at all. Our ciders are wild fermented, using the naturally-occurring yeast on the apples themselves, with no commercial intervention. These wild yeasts are unpredictable and complex, giving a truly unique flavour that differs year-on-year as growing conditions change.

As well as running a wild ferment, we don’t add any chapitalisation sugar. Each batch of cider will represent the growing conditions of the year – a long, dry summer will likely lead to a stronger ABV. We love the unpredictability and truly let nature dictate the outcome.

When can I buy your ciders?

Soon! We’re really keen to get some ciders bottled up to sell, and we’re getting there! Our transition from growing to making has been a long one and we really want to get right.

We’ve been investing in equipment, in processes and converting a barn into our cidery. Next step, EHO!

More news soon!

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