Yarcle Cyder Co.



Saxon word ‘Yarcle’, meaning the slope of a hill.

Our family have been here for over 65 years, with Grandad Jim, the main man, still very much in charge of harvest. The farm has been his life’s work, his passion and his all ever since. 

Previously suppliers to Bulmers & Westons cider, our orchards have been known to produce an average of 100 tons of fruit every year. We have a number of bittersweet cider apple varieties including Michelin, Dabinett, Balls Bittersweet and the famous Yarkhill Brown Snout.

We’re based in Yarkhill, Herefordshire. We have 7 orchards here, ranging from over 100 years old to brand new, planted by Grandad Jim when he was 88. Our orchards are all full-height traditional standard orchards, on M25 rootstock – this means the trees get VERY big, providing a beautiful canopy and a really magical place to be.

With the large-scale commercial cider industry changing as it is, we’re finding new ways to preserve these orchards and ensure the future for these beautiful trees and Grandad’s hard work.

Our aim is to produce quality cider fruit, staying true to traditional Herefordshire orchard design, embracing small technology without over-automation.

We’re also working on producing our very own range of ciders from our own orchards. We’re really excited about the work we’re doing here, so do watch this space!


– Granddaughter Jean.


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