Quite the learning curve

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Business, Fruit, Juice, Yarlington Mill | 0 comments

This harvest has been incredible so far, we’re still in the thick of things – but I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate all of our customers, both from last year and new this year.

With the whole commercial cider industry taking a shift away from smaller growers like us, we started looking to the dedicated makers, the passionate hobbyists and the beginners. We know our fruit is good quality – our customers tell us as such – but taking the leap into the unknown was quite scary.

The cider community have been wonderful – we are blown away by the reaction and the interest in how we do things. It’s been a really interesting time for us. We’ve had to find new ways to adapt to different ways of harvesting. We would usually take a 7 ton trailer down the road, then come back empty. This year has been pretty different!

We’re still selling by the ton, but to many, many incredible customers. We’ve loaded into vans, large trailers, small trailers, lorries and a couple of executive saloons! We’re processing orders from a few kgs, to a few tons and everything in between. We’ve even started juicing into IBCs, barrels and small containers, which has been a great addition to our offering – though at 2.30am it didn’t seem like such a good idea 🙂

A learning curve is a bit of an understatement I suppose, but what a season it’s been so far! It’s been a huge pleasure meeting every single one of you, learning about your plans and thank you for your support in keeping our orchards going – it’s ever-so important to us.

Better go – a lorry is turning up on Monday!


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