Our Cider Apples

A huge thank you to everyone who has bought apples from us in the last 3 seasons, we've loved meeting you all and chatting 'all things cider'. Your support has enabled us to invest into our orchards and help to keep the big old trees alive.

We've made the decision to take apple sales offline to new customers for the time being. Our orchards are currently going through a hard-prune period, so our yield is much reduced. We're now also focussing on bringing our cider making into the foreground of our business.

Rest assured, as soon as we have surplus fruit again, we'll open this back up.

For those existing customers who have bought fruit previously, we'll continue to support you with fruit as best we can & we look forward to seeing you this harvest!


Organically Grown

We have never and will never spray our orchards

Low Intervention

We let nature dictate our crop

Hand Sorted

We hand check all of our apples

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