Cider ABV Calculator

Use this calculator to work out the final alcohol content of your cider.

Original Gravity (OG)
Final Gravity (FG)

Original Gravity (OG)
Using your hydrometer, take a measurement as soon as it’s pressed. This will tell you the starting gravity of your juice.

Example figure: 1.052

Final Gravity (FG)
Using your hydrometer, take a measurement once your fermentation has finished. This will tell you how much sugar is left in the juice.

Example figure: 1.000

Our cider alcohol by volume (ABV) calculator can help you calculate the alcohol content of your own cider, based on gravity change.

NB: This ABV calculator uses the standard equation (ABV = (og – fg) * 131.25).

This calculator should be used as a guide for home cider makers only. No warranty or guarantee is implied or provided.

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