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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you machine harvest?

No*. We have traditional standard orchards. This means that the trees are enormous and planted with large spaces around them, rather than in lines like a commercial orchard. This traditional method means the large commercial machine harvesting isn’t possible. We try to steer clear of too much machinery, to keep our fruit in as good condition as possible.

*But also kind of. We have a little pedestrian apple picker. This picker is a walk-along machine with a small belt that picks up the fruit. This type of machine isn’t really classed as ‘machine harvesting’, but it’s important to make the distinction between fruit that runs through our picker and hand picked fruit.

If you are buying a small quantity of apples, ie. one of our 20kg bags, though not guaranteed, the likelihood is that your order will be hand-picked.

Are your apples organic?

No. Our apples are organically grown, but we cannot say that they are organic as we are not yet registered with an appropriate registration scheme. Whilst we are looking into the possibilities of registering as organic, our investment at the moment is going straight back into the orchards. We have previously supplied organic fruit to large scale cider makers, where the annual soil testing was covered by their own legislation.

Do you wash the apples?

When supplying fruit: No, we do not want the fruit to go through any more processes than necessary. Although the majority of our fruit tends to come up pretty clean anyway, the more we handle the fruit, the more resources are involved and also the potential for damage to the fruit. Whilst small bruises are inevitable during harvest, we like our fruit to remain in good condition for as long as possible. If we hand pick your order, you probably won’t need to wash your fruit prior to milling. Should we use our pedestrian apple picker to harvest your order, they will require washing prior to milling, certainly towards the end of season. We are currently implementing rainwater harvesting methods around the orchards to keep our equipment clean, rather than washing the fruit. 

When supplying juice: Yes, unless you tell us not to. Because there is no requirement for the fruit to travel and keep, we wash the fruit prior to milling and pressing your juice.

Do you have any bittersharp cider apples?

No, unfortunately not! Our orchards were planted at various times throughout the last 120 years, and a lot were planted under supervision of H.P. Bulmer. The demand was for bittersweet cider apples at time of planting. Now that we are venturing out into direct sales to cider makers, we are looking into the viability of grafting. If you are looking for bittersharps, please get in touch and we can give you details of some of our friends!

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